Music For Your Plants: Waffle & Vibe Guest Mix


Our Editor in Chief, Dexter Offer, sat down with Waffle & Vibe for to talk plants, PLNT Magazine, and making new friends.  Check out the excerpt below and follow the link to read the full interview. 

"Please introduce yourself.

My name is Dexter Offer. I’m a London-born, San Diego-based creative. I run PLNT Magazine. It’s a publication about people framed around nature. It’s about giving my friends a platform to share their beautiful projects and crazy ideas.

How did we meet?

We met at Clean Slate. You were chilling with Esther [Wang] and she came by and then I went over there to check out her booth. You guys were super cool and we were printing shit on your jacket [laughs]. We were having a good time. That was a fun Sunday. I met a lot of good friends that day......"